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About our Sports Division

BCProductions is a full service video production company,recognized for being leaders in video production.  We understand that your company needs to share a story to the world about your product and BC Productions listens to all of your intentions and goals and works hand in hand with you so that we may be able to create your mission to life video video or animation.  With the experience of having produced over 4,000 videos, we are confident that you will benefit from our creativity in order to ultimately benefit you and your company.  With our newest drone cameras, we are able to capture footage that can bring to you incredible aerial video shots.  Our cameramen are certified airmen and know the airspace within the United States, so you will be never have to worry about getting the perfect aerial shot. 

Got a budget for a video? Don't worry about it, our company provides work for all budgets.  We have produced thousands of videos for clients the need a small job done or  live multi camera game production with scoreboards and slow motion, replays or live broadcasting or webcast.  BC Productions video production team has worked in 38 U.S States and 8 countries. 


Our team of professionals have recently added a video sports division.  Our sports videos allow coaches and athletes to analyze performances with the highest quality.  We offer videotaping of all sports from ones that require one videographer to cover youth or High School Athletes, or a crew to cover College or Professional athletes.  BC Production is known for the best quality of recruiting videos in the United States.